Welcome Message from the Dean of BIEET

Welcome to Beijing CAS Industrial Energy and Environment Technology Institute (BIEET), which is an international and professional non-profit new academic institution.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, New Generation Information Technology, Biology, High-end Equipment Manufacturing, New Energy, New Materials and New Energy Vehicles are the Seven strategic emerging industries and pillar industries in China determined by the State Council at the present stage. All these industries are directly or indirectly related to new energy and environment, which have both independent development space and certain overlap and commonness. guiding by the scientific outlook on development; persistently facing the major strategic needs of the country; firmly establishing the concept of providing support and service for scientific research, BIEET will promote discipline construction, improve the ability to organize and undertake major tasks, and lay a solid foundation for sustainable development.  


Here, we work together and learn from others. We are open to innovation and common development. We are not only basing ourselves on internal R & D, but also strengthening external cooperation. At the same time, we unite all superior resources, increase the strength of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the connection between market demand, and accelerate the process of achievement transformation, so that advanced technology can serve the society as soon as possible.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the relevant departments and friends from all societies who have been concerned about and helped the development of BIEET for a long time!


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